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5 Ways To Make CBD Oil Taste Better and Enjoy the Experience

If the taste of CBD oil is off-putting to you, you’re not alone. While the remedy has a profound effect on our minds and bodies, it does have an acquired taste. However, that does not mean you can’t enjoy the power of CBD yourself. There are several ways to mask the flavor and enjoy the entire CBD experience.

Basso Botanicals provides potent pure CBD oil that enriches our health and wellbeing. While we use natural flavorings in our products to help conceal that familiar CBD taste, many companies do not. That is why we made this article, to help you mask their unpleasant flavorings.


Buy High-Quality CBD Products

The simplest solution to a better CBD taste is purchasing higher-quality products. Similar to your favorite leafy greens, hemp naturally contains high levels of chlorophyll, resulting in a strong-tasting substance that’s present in the plant. If you don’t extract the hemp properly, it can contain high amounts of chlorophyll. While this is okay when you’re eating a salad, it’s not particularly enjoyable in CBD.

CBD manufacturers that use properly extracted broad spectrum distillate are less likely to sell products with high levels of chlorophyll. The quality of the CBD distillate directly correlates to the overall taste of the finished product. Proper use of and formulation of raw ingredients should leave the finished oil with a light and delicate taste.


Mask the Taste By Brushing Your Teeth

As if you needed another reason to brush your teeth every morning and night, it’s excellent in masking the CBD oil flavor. Not only will the taste of the toothpaste mask the bitterness of the oil, but a clean mouth will also absorb less oil. The best of all? You keep up with your hygienic routine while benefiting from CBD’s amazing nutritional properties.


Mix Your CBD Oil into a Drink

CBD oil works surprisingly well when it is mixed in with your favorite drinks. Why not start your morning with a cup of coffee and a dose of CBD? Jazz up your soda pop with nutritional CBD oil? These are just a few drinks perfect for masking the flavor of CBD. Just pick your favorite beverage and enjoy the CBD experience.


Add CBD Oil to Your Food

Another delicious way you can mask the taste of CBD is by adding the oil to your favorite recipes. The remedy works best when it is paired with recipes with some sort of fat in them (oil, butter, etc.). Pastries and confectioneries such as cookies, brownies, crackers, and other snacks are perfect treats when you feel you need some relief. While it may be a big process just to mask the flavor, it ends with delicious results.


Basso Botanicals Offers High-Quality Broad-Spectrum CBD Oil

Basso Botanicals was founded in 2017 by a group of individuals with a passion for natural remedies that benefit the mind and body. Our CBD gummies, tinctures, and capsules are made to adequately address and benefit its consumers on a range of chronic issues. We prioritize quality by partnering with third-party labs and sourcing quality ingredients to craft CBD that helps. Visit our e-store to find your new favorite CBD products.

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