5 Exceptional Benefits of Pure CBD Oil for Pets

CBD treatments are having an immense impact on the mental and physical wellness of its consumers. What people may not realize is how pure CBD oil can be valuable to our pet’s health. While there have not been formal studies conducted, scientists believe CBD benefits their bodies the same way for humans. As a pet owner, it’s hard to watch a beloved family member struggle with health issues. Fortunately, CBD and hemp oil for pets are becoming a go-to solution for many families. But what exactly can CBD do to help your pets?


CBD Oil Helps Reduce Anxiety

Do you have a pet who shakes or runs into the bathroom when there is a thunderstorm? Does your dog excessively bark or appear restless whenever you leave the house? Pure CBD oil can relieve some of the anxiety pets experience in these high-stress situations. After taking the recommended dosage, owners and their pets can enjoy peace of mind.


Minimize The Risk or Severity of Seizures with Pure CBD Oil

According to CBD School, prescribed medication can manage seizures and epilepsy in animals. However, this treatment can be harmful to the pet’s organs if the medication doesn’t work. While it is not a cure or a treatment for diseases, pure CBD oil is a viable alternative that pet owners are using to control their pet’s seizures. Its anti-inflammatory and anti-convulsant properties can help reduce the occurrence and duration of these devastating neurological disorders.


CBD Oil Can Help Grow an Appetite and Relieve Nausea

Many human users experience noticeable growth in appetite after consuming pure CBD oil, and this is also true in dogs and cats. If your pet isn’t showing much of an appetite, CBD and hemp oil can help grow their hunger. Additionally, it’s been shown to help reduce vomiting and nausea, even when toxins or drugs cause these symptoms.


Pure CBD Oil can Relieve Pain and Inflammation

Because cannabinoids have anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, they are excellent sources of treatment for chronic pain and inflammation. Thus, pets who suffer from joint and mobility pain related to arthritis can benefit from CBD oil’s relief. It is valuable to pets who are older and tend to experience difficulty walking.


Reduce Neurodegenerative Diseases with Pure CBD Oil

Pets who are advanced in age are more prone to suffering from neurodegenerative diseases. Additionally, older pets can experience degenerative myelopathy, a disease that impacts the pet’s spinal cord. Pure CBD oil can reduce neurodegenerative disorders by helping with neuroinflammation, DNA damage, and autoimmune prevention.


Dosing & Testing

It’s important to have a basic understanding of CBD dosage for dogs. Experts commonly recommend 1-5mg of CBD per 10lbs of body weight. Ideally, a dog owner should start at the lower end of this range when first introducing CBD to their dog.

Make sure the pet products you select offer the same testing information that you would find in CBD products designed for human consumption.


Your Pet will Enjoy Basso Botanicals’ CBD Chews

Basso Botanicals was founded in 2017 by a group of individuals with a passion for CBD’s natural wellness capabilities. Our mission is to provide the highest quality active hemp extract and phytocannabinoid products to every customer. Whether it’s for a human or a pet, our CBD products are designed with wellness in mind. Visit our online store and discover what pure CBD oil and CBD gummies are available.

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