4 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Buy Hemp Extract Products on Amazon

In 2018 the United States signed an update to the Farm Bill into law. The bill made the Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) the designated lead to administering the new USDA Hemp Production Program. New rules and regulations are created for the development and sale of hemp extract products. Furthermore, it led to greater accessibility to hemp-derived items and launched CBD to increase popularity.

The demand has become so large that you’ll find thousands of hemp products with a simple Google search. However, you have to know who you can trust to buy these products because there are many unreliable manufacturers. A hot spot for these sellers is on Amazon. That is why we always recommend avoiding buying hemp extract-derived products from the online shopping giant. Here is why.


Amazon Doesn’t Allow the Sell of CBD Oil

The website’s rules are very clear: you cannot sell or buy CBD products on Amazon. They don’t allow the sale of drug paraphernalia, and CBD falls under the drug category. Despite the policy, hundreds of suspicious products labeled as CBD remain on the website’s marketplace. Anyone who is selling CBD products on Amazon is breaking the rules. Therefore, this should be the first red flag for any consumer.

How do they get away with this? Simple – label it as hemp extract.


The Hemp Extract is Not Entirely Hemp Extract

While CBD oil is banned on Amazon, hemp is not. Sellers can list their products as “hemp extract” or “hemp seed oil” without any consequences from the website. If you’re a new consumer of these types of products, you won’t understand the difference between hemp extract and hemp seed oil.

Hemp extract is made from the leaves and flowers of the plant, providing you the vitamins, fatty acids, and CBD you desire. Hemp seed oil is made from the plant’s seeds, which do not contain the cannabinoids you’d like from expensive hemp oil. Furthermore, many sellers will say the product contains hemp extract when in all actuality it’s just hemp seed oil.


Hemp Extract Amazon Sellers Are Not Transparent About Their Potency

Many vendors who sell their hemp products on Amazon are lying to consumers. If you search for products on Amazon’s search engine, you’ll see labels promoting impossible levels of potency. They’ll claim to be packed with milligram levels ranging from 10,000 to 50,000 while selling them at inexpensive prices.

Real hemp extract products typically contain at most 2,000 milligrams per ounce. This is only a tactic unreliable vendors use to undercut quality CBD manufacturers and sell you a dud. While a higher potency product will surely be more attractive, it’s not entirely possible and you have to take a ‘too good to be true’ approach when looking at these products.


Most Products are Not Third-Party Lab Verified

One of the biggest things you’ll notice is that many of the products aren’t lab verified. Lab verification by a third-party independent, state-certified facility is extremely important for consumers to ensure they’re purchasing reliable products from vendors. Additionally, drugs of any kind need to be tested to give you peace of mind knowing you’re buying safe, quality products with accurate labeling. When purchasing hemp products on Amazon, you’re simply putting yourself at risk.


Basso Botanicals is Your Reliable Source for Real Hemp Extract Products

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